Thursday, June 21, 2012

~ Thrifty-Thursday Finds ~

I am not sure whether to call this a "FIND"; a "HAUL"; a "Yahoo moment" or perhaps something else.  Well, whatever you call it, I must show you.

Periodically I swing by a few Thrift stores and Goodwill Shops when out running errands.  I came across these two boxes.  Taped closed and marked "Blank Greeting Cards for Card Making" and "Blank Greeting Cards for Crafting".  I just HAD to take a look. All of the cards are 4x6.  One box contained a nice variety of printed designs on the front and good quality cardstock.  They were grouped in packs of 10 with envelopes and had a rubber band wrapped around each pack.  The other box contained colored/textured cards with envelopes probably used for card making/adorning, etc.  Same situation - grouped in packs of 10 and rubber banded and good quality cardstock.  A quick count - each box contained 250... yes...250 cards/envelopes.  Prices on the boxes were listed as $4.94. SOLD!  I absolutely could not pass this up.  While the quantity of cards is a bit overwhelming, I'm sure they will be put to good use whether it is writing/sending; gifted; and perhaps in some swaps. If you are interested in a trade/swap, please let me know.

The other finds shown below were found at different local Thrift Shops.  
I love a good flat/correspondence card - even if it is listed as an invitation. $.99.  I've seen these at Jo-Ann's Fabric/Craft stores.

These were two new packs of flat cards with envelopes originally from Ikea.  $.59 each.

These are new packs of 10 note cards/envelopes.  Two packs wrapped together - $.99 each. I think these will make great cards to use around the Christmas holidays.

These next two new stationery sets were marked as $2.00 each, BUT were in the 75% off bin!  They had to be rescued.  I will definitely enjoy using them.  

Note Card pack,  $.25.

I have been looking for an address book for when traveling or on road trips.  I think this one will work out perfectly! $.99.

What Thrift Store adventures have you been on lately?


  1. Hi, LR! Can you do a post about how you store all of your stationary finds? I have papers, cards, envelopes and the like out the wazoo! I'm always looking for ideas!

    1. Great idea, thanks Delaney! Let me see what I can do.

  2. That's a really neat address book. Like you said, it looks perfect for traveling! I'm definitely going to have to look around my local thrift stores for some deals. :)

  3. OOO I like the paper with flowers. But you are starting to sound like me with all the stationery buying!

  4. Wow, so many wonderful things you bought. :) I've never found any stationery at all in our thrift stores over here, but I do hope I will one day. :)

  5. Wow! You found some awesome things! I wouldn't be able to pass all those cards and stationary up either! I should hit up my local thrift shops soon too... I'm itching to go, and I feel like I'm missing out on some good paper finds! lol

    Your last picture of your address book made me smile because I used to have stationary cards with that same picture on it. So kool to see it again. ;)

  6. Oh my goodness, I am so jealous! When I go op-shopping (Australian term for thrifting...) I usually go with a specific goal in mind and rarely look at the paper goods... I'm so inspired to look for cards and notepaper now!

  7. I love finding cheap yet beautiful stationary at flea markets! I love the birdhouse sheets!

    Also, you will be glad you got that address book! Mine came in handy on my vacation! :)

    Btw, got your letter today! :)

  8. Wow! That letter traveled fast!

    I'll be sure to use the birdhouse stationery on your next letter.

    I haven't checked the flea markets. Do you ask the vendors/those selling or do you just look for them on your own?