Thursday, May 10, 2012

~ Thrifty-Thursday Finds ~

Recently, I have had good luck with stationery "finds".   More often than not, when I'm at the Thrift store on the hunt for  paper/correspondence items, the choices are slim to none.

I've always enjoy Papyrus products.  This is a complete set of 100 sheets and 50 envelopes.  They are off-white parchment sheets with deckle edges.  Price: $2.62

This was a large spiral bound note paper set of 200 sheets.  I cut the spiral off for easier access.           Price: $1.51

Set of 12 flat correspondence cards and envelopes.  Price: $.99

Set of 10 Hallmark "Postalettes" (write, fold and close with coordinating seals).  Price: $.77

Where to you go for your Thrift items?  What are your latest "finds"?

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  1. Hello friend! I hope to post some of my finds in the near future!