Wednesday, May 2, 2012

~ Mid-Week Mail Bag ~

Lions, Tigers, Bears and Alpacas - Oh MY!   As you will see, there is a delightfully whimsical and interesting theme this week's mail bag.  I heard from new Pals, regular Pals and long-time-no-talk-to Pals.  Needless to say, it was a very good mail week.

As with fashion, stripes and polka dots in stationery remain classics.  I'm always up for a good polka-dot.  What do you feel are the latest correspondence trends?   What stationery/note card themes are you sending these days?  What themes have landed in your mailbox lately?  





~Karen JS~

~Karen JS~

~Tracy Z~


  1. It is nice to see someone else just starting in blogging too. I love your blog and seeing all of your incoming mail!

    1. Another new blogger here! I'll check out your blog :)
      I agree, what a great batch of incoming mail!

  2. Hi L.R.! I just stumbled upon your blog. :) Glad to see you got my letter!