Wednesday, April 25, 2012

~ Mid-Week Mail Bag ~

A wonderful mail week! Beautiful envelopes, lovely letters and postcards graced my mailbox.  I am grateful.  Correspondence continues with Pals from Sendsomething and other means.  It was truly an International week with mail from Belgium, Italy, U.K., Canada and the US.  I am definitely busy with replies and hope to get current in a short amount of time.

If you do not  know Limner, you should.  Her artwork speaks for itself.  So glad she's utilizing it as stationery so recipients of her letters, like me, can enjoy over and over.  Thanks Limner!



~Karen C~

~Shannah part II~ 








  1. Hi LR! Since you visited my blog, it appears that you recieved my letter. YAY! :)

    I love looking through people's outgoing and incoming mail, it's great to see how creative people can be! However, looking at your incoming mail, it's funny how I also got a printed letter from Andy this week that appears to be THE EXACT SAME LETTER. This is why I don't like recieving written-on-the-computer letters, because it lacks the intimacy of handwritten letters. It also makes it possible for people to write one letter, and send it to several people at once, which really takes the fun out of letter writing! :(

    However, I'm glad to see what great mail you recieved! I hope you have a great mail week again!

  2. Hiya there! Many greetings from Malaysia. I just popped over from Lucas's blog and saw this lovely blog! Keep the blog posts coming! Indeed a wonderful mail week you had! Nice incoming! :)

  3. Hey, there's some letters up there from me! ;)
    I didn't know you had a blog! Why wont it let me follow!! Maybe I can figure it out!