Thursday, September 27, 2012

~ Autumn Goodness ~

Autumn - what is not to love about this time of year?  This is my absolute favorite season and has been for as long as I can recall.

Autumn means enjoying:
 Crisp mornings and evenings
 Cooler, mild days
 Beautiful tree colors
 Weekend adventures of long drives and picnic lunches in the country
 Trips to the mountains for fresh from-the-farm apples and pumpkins
 Sipping on fresh apple cider - warmed or chilled
 Attending Fall & Craft Festivals
 Indulging in Festival Foods such as:
  caramel apples
  fried pies
  corn dogs
  kettle corn
More cooking and baking efforts
Wearing favorite sweaters and cooler weather clothing

To Do List:
Setting up the hot cocoa tray to include :
           container of mini marshmallows
           containers of  homemade and store bought hot cocoa selections
           special mugs
           ensuring the fridge contains whipped cream
Putting up Autumn Door Decor
Planting mums in containers for the front porch
The beginning of endless leaf raking and bagging
Purging closets and dressers of not worn, no longer liked, wanted or needed items
 into donation bags
Changing out seasonal clothing.
One thing I have been doing this year with my collection of correspondence items is to group and use by theme or season.   I've picked out all the traditional fall colors and items such as pumpkins, apples and leaves, etc.  My intention is to primarily use these items for all of my corresponding in October and November.  While Autumn does start in September, true Autumn for me starts October 1st.  I would like to know if you do theme mailings or select certain types or styles of stationery, note cards, etc for specific seasons or times of the year.


  1. I most definitely do themed mailing! It's more exciting that way! Received your beautiful letter today. Will me responding soon!

    Toodles! -S.

  2. This will be my first Autumn of letter writing and I hadn't thought about it - but I will now. I do make cards for differents seasons. Mostly holidays but I love the Autumn season so much that I usually make "Happy Fall" cards, too. I guess I need to get busy with that. How can anyone not love this glorious season?

  3. Like you, I love Fall/Autumn too! I've been purging and cleaning out, made the hot cocoa tray and my wonderful husband brought me beautiful mums last week. I have a terrible weakness for candy corn and autumn mix candy, must not buy because I will eat too much.

    I should also say, it's still in the 90's here today in Texas...yuck!

  4. I am terrible at using seasonal themed anything at the right times! The only time I can seem to get it right is with wintery stationery. I just love summer colors and themes so much I try to use them as much as possible!

  5. Fall is my favorite season of them all! I would love to theme my stationery, but my collection is very small and needs some holiday sprucing up. I'm afraid I'll miss fall, but I did see some nice deals on winter themed stationery at Office Max a few days ago.