Thursday, September 13, 2012

~ Thrifty-Thursday Finds ~

I have been trying to be on a Thrifting diet.  Mainly because I absolutely have enough correspondence items currently at home.  There are days where I am on a bit of auto-pilot and I find myself at a local Thrift shop to "just look around".  Ha!  My fellow Thrifters know what that means.  You are almost guaranteed a "find" with that thought process!

New set of stationery with matching envelopes.  Price: $1.29

Boxed, new set of 20 fairy note cards with envelopes. Price: $1.91

New, Qty 50 #10 letter sized envelopes Price: $.77
New, Qty 36 Smile Face Bulletin Board Accents $.99
Who doesn't love a smile?  I'll be thinking of creative ways to utilize these!

A few weeks ago I treated myself to a  $20.00 shopping spree at Michael's. While Michael's is not a traditional Thrift Store, there are plenty of bargains on any given day. I just love perusing the aisles and bins, getting lost in my thoughts and discovering great finds.  I found great paper/writing inspirations at absolute bargain prices.  These included Note Card sets, Paperpad Mousepads, Lined and Unlined Note Pads.  I was so happy to find lined items as I much prefer to write with pre-printed lines.  I'm super self conscious at how wavy and wonky my writing gets using unlined paper; but I continue to push through those insecurities.  Many that you see below I picked up in multiple quantities. Because I hate using up favorite items and, I like to share.  Can't you just imagine all the fun letters that will be written on these items?

What have you treated yourself to lately?


  1. I purchased a pack of fairy notecards that look similar to those, for 25cents! Can't beat that! I also bought a crate today to store all my penpalling stuff in. It's getting a bit out of hand...

    Can't wait to see my letter posted on your blog next Wednesday! Guaranteed!

    Have a lovely week, L.R.

  2. lovely stationery!!! I just love that fairy note cards and also the memo pad with Eiffel tower

  3. Wow, you bought some amazing stationery! I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in my small town I can`t find stationary. I use boring colored paper (the one for my printer) whwn i write to my penpals.