Wednesday, September 12, 2012

~ Mid-Week Mail Bag ~

As you may know, I have a fondness for aerogrammes.  This week two arrived in the mail bag.

Lately, a topic of discussion with some pen friends is handwriting/penmanship and writing preferences.

One friend's habit of printing, is now writing in cursive.  They commented that they had not written in cursive in quite a long time and it took some practice to get back in the swing of it.  After a few weeks, they are now finding cursive to be faster for them.  What is your preference in daily writing and when corresponding?

~Fast Eyes~









  1. Nice letters! °v° Oh! Cursive handwriting looks elegant! I can write it VERY SLOW and looks horrible D,8

  2. Great Letters!! I like to write in cursive for my daily writing as well as for the correspondence.I think you must known by seeing it in my letter.

  3. I prefer cursive for writing, at work printing for others needs.

    Letters though, cursive. Figure I need to make people work at it :)