Wednesday, July 25, 2012

~ Mid-Week Mail Bag ~

So nice to hear from a few for the first time this week, as well as established pen friends.

How have you been inspired recently?

Homemade Pepper Jelly from  ~Shannah~.

Vintage postcards and a CD from ~Andy~.  The postcards were creatively incorporated into each page of his letter.

 ~Stephanie B~


~Stephanie P~



 ~Stephanie P~


 ~Tracy Z~


  1. glad you received it all in one piece! I was worried. :) Goodness, it looks so good in this pic I believe I will have some right now as a late night snack!


  2. What a lovely selection you received, particularly liked the look of the vintage postcards!

  3. How, you've got lots of mail there. :D
    You have a lovely mail blog! I'll be following it!

  4. I love those packages from Shannah and Andy. The other letters are great as well!